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Skopje, Macedonia, Biennale by eyes of short term EVS volunteers
September 10, 2009, 9:15 am
Filed under: Culture, EVS

Antonio Di Gaula, EVS volunteer from Italy

1. Can you please by describe your first feelings in Macedonia?

The first feeling was terribly conditionated by Pelagonija and workers……after two weeks my impression is a lot better thanks to kind people and better personal orientation.

2. What do you think about Skopje?

Skopje is a very strange city, different styles of life and people of different origins share an active and continuously developping urban space.

3. Your EVS…can you please shortly describe your way from your home country to Macedonia? Why did you chose this EVS project and what do you think about it…

My trip to Skopje was nice because I have done it with nice smiling people….I choosed this EVS project because I was curious about this country and because I like to be involved in artistic programms.

4. and now Bienale…so what is your first reaction when somebody says BIENALE…

Biennale….it is nice to see how it is preparing to set

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