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Skopje, Macedonia, Biennale by eyes of short term EVS volunteers
September 10, 2009, 9:11 am
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With Help of EVS Volunteers Art  Found The Way

The exhibitions, fashion shows, gastronomy events or workshops are open for all people from Skopje. You can find the program of the Bienale here (http://www.bjcem.org/). Just one click will take you to the world where art is law and where creativy and innovation are in the air. This event will not be possible without the volunteers who are helping to make the Bienale alive. These volunteers from European Voluntary Service are hosted by Volunteers Centre Skopje, which is providing mentors and organizing different events for example cultural nights, trips to Matka and Ohrid…

The 18 EVS volunteers came to Macedonia from four different countries: France, Hungary, Italy and Belgium. They will spend one month in Skopje, a month full of art and intercultural experiences.

And what do they think about Skopje and about their EVS project?

Chiara Monteverdi,  EVS volunteer from Italy

1. Can you please describe your first feelings in Macedonia with three words?

hot weather – mess – new language

2.  How you see Macedonia now, after two weeks?

It seems to have changed aspect : ). In my eyes the mess has become a ferment, a force which motivate me to understand what at first i couldn‘t get. Now when I walk in the street I try to read what‘s written on the shops and everywhere, I try to catch everything I can. I like some things (the market, the river, the old part of Skopje, the couple burek-yogurt…), I don‘t like some other things (the way the Macedonians drive cars, the absence of a civic sense …).

3. What do you think about Skopje?

I think that it is more „alive“ than I thought. The parks are beautiful, the old part is very nice and I would like to have time for more sightseeing in the next days

4. Your EVS…can you please shortly describe your way from your home country to Macedonia? Why did you choose this EVS project and what do you think about it…

I chose this project because I thought the content was really close to my interests such as the participation of youngsters in city life, art and culture. Moreover I had never been in the Balkan area before, and I was curious because some friends of mine who were here have told me it enters in your heart when you know it. And it is so different from my country, so I wanted to be here once in my life! I already knew the EVS projects, and I thought they are a good instrument to improve the skills, learn a language, do something for your future job, know different people and have fun at the same time!

5. and now Bienale…so what is your first reaction when somebody says BIENALE…

It will be great. Now that it`s close I can see everyday that something is changing. Art is in the air! I can`t even imagine so many artists, so many people here in Skopje to share their own cultures.

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