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Paramount Styles live in concert with support from Constantine Odessa 18th November at Art Cinema Frosina, Skopje
November 20, 2009, 10:42 am
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It must be strange to play a show in the Art Cinema Frosina to a seated audience, especially with so many of those seats empty. But personally, I thought there was an intimacy and comfort about this show, and I feel privileged to have been there. Some bands prefer more energy from their audience, but Paramount Styles are the kind of band whose dark and brooding music seems to engulf the band to the point that they are oblivious to their listeners anyway. Support act Constantine Odessa and his band opened for Paramount Styles on the night. They play tuneful americana, and Constantine reminds me of the American songwriter Josh Ritter. Most of the songs are quite poppy, and feature synth, organ, harmonica accompaniment, with upright bouble-bass. Others are more blusey and quirky. Constantine’s songcraft is complimented by very neat lead guitar flourishes which add colour to them and bring them to life in the live setting. After the interval, Paramount Styles opened their set with ‘Alleyesareonyounowmypet’ – a song full of driving intensity and Marlan Barry’s dramatic cello. Their set comprised songs from 2008’s ‘Failure American Style’ with the exception of the band’s encore, for which they played a stripped down version of a new song. For almost the entirety of the show, frontman Scott McCloud sits perched on the edge of a bar stool by his microphone. Half on, half off the stool, it’s a wonder he never falls off as he stretches for his distortion pedal in his suede boots. McCloud sings in a raspy American drawl reminiscent of Lou Reed. On ‘The Crazy Years’ the beautifully plucked cello strings haunt the melancholic guitar and vocal intro, straining and weeping. McLoud sings “tonight I’m making a list…”as the song unfolds and builds dramatically. Next the band plays ‘These stary nights’ – a song steeped in sense of place and nostalgia for New York city. This song also builds in intensity toward some climax that it never quite reaches, instead it’s diffused by a breakdown in tempo and McColud’s refrain: ‘these starry nights...’. The piano on this song is simply enchanting. ‘One last surprise’ opens with light drum kit work, and often dischordant cello and melodic guitar.It  manages to be sad and passionate at the same time –  like Paramount Styles really – impassioned, dramatic indie rock from men you just know are often in the thrall of spells of brooding and deep thinking. Long may they remain there.

Christopher Fleming

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Did I just read some kind of volunteer blog like bullshit with strong emphasis on culture and diversity?

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