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BOSH Multimedia Art Festival – Gevgelija by Sylwia Gorska
August 31, 2011, 11:10 am
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When I found out about the BOSH Multimedia Art Festival, I thought it must be something worth to see and that’s why last weekend I landed with my friend in Gevgelija. With totally no expectations, just open for anything waiting for us. I am sure that everything we saw and experience was just the best how it only could be. And if you weren’t there for sure you have something to regret and don’t make the same mistake next year!

From the first moment we were hit by the hospitality and good spirit of the place and people involved in the festival. After few minutes we felt like a part of the team. It is the third year the festival took place, it was started in honor and memory of the late actor and poet Bosko Bozadzievski (1981 – 2008) by few of his close friends. The festival each year gets bigger and have more things to offer but you still can feel the spirit of Bosko around. Not only in memories, told by his closest friends but also while experiencing the theatre or poetry evenings. The festival  is open to all artists, wanted to share their ideas and simply all open-minded people, sensitive to surrounding reality.

We could see how the art can change the image of the city and that urban area can be a space for creativity, performance, expression of thoughts and feelings. Walls always grey or full of political posters can be an easel for young graffiti painters, coffees can change into small galleries , old alley with an retro train can suddenly become an ideal scene for young poets.

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great article!

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