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Scary House in Kisela Voda
February 15, 2012, 11:38 am
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by Sylwia Gorska

Do you remember stories about Dracula or tales by Edgar Alla Poe? Dark romaticism and Gothicism, world of satan, ghosts, vampires…stories often taking place in haunted houses, full of corridors, old wooden, creaking floors, somewhere in England, Germany or deep Romania…To feel a shiver down your spine you don’t have to move far! Kisela Voda has its own scary house! It is not easy to find but when you ask people about scary green building for sure they will now the way. It is hard to say when it was built but there are lot of legends about it. Nobody wants to buy this house and its land cause it is said to be cursed. First owners died in strange circumstances, the next one was the master of solving strange stories of haunted places. He came to find out what is so amazing in this house, he made a lot of research but all his work together with himself disappeared without any trace. If you have enough courage and enter the house you will see still fresh colors on the walls, despite of fire, mysterious rooms and amazing attic with round windows…for which reason it was built, who lived in this house, what kind of secrets it still hides…? Enter the house and maybe the answers will appear in your dreams or…nightmares!