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January 15, 2012, 4:31 pm
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Last December, crazy volunteers from Skopje and Bitola decided to explore Pristina during the Skena Up Festival… Check it out our experience in the Kosovarian roads in this awesome video and pictures!!!!

ON ARRIVAL TRAINING IN SARAJEVO by Sara Fantova & Jadwiga Mistak
November 25, 2011, 7:13 am
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Luxury and delight – two words describing on-arrival training. But we deserve after 15 hours in the bus going through Serbia and even part of Croatia, definitely we deserve. Some of you already have seen our room and bathroom in the photos, but its worth to know that only we have a bath or so called Jacuzzi 😉

Last Sunday night we took a bus from Skopje to go to Sarajevo, after 15 hours and several stops to check the passport we arrive to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We were tired so we slept and after went to dinner. After dinner we had the first session of the training, we were too much so we were split in two groups.

The next four mornings and some afternoons were dedicated to the training, we spoke about how to solve problems, the different positions that each person takes in front of the problem, identity, what is normal for us and for our community, about our host country, about our personal projects, learning process, evs as service, youth in action, aha moments… We also made some theatre.

We had also great opportunity to express ourselves during AHA Space, space for learning, findings, feelings, facts and joker. We tried not to follow the polish –complaining stereotype, but nobody is perfect, so one AHA-space changed into group therapy 😉 What was surprising – people who never met before listened and solved together more or less significant problems and motivated each other. Was it worth? AHA, for sure.

On Thursday afternoon we had the free afternoon to visit Sarajevo. First we went to the Olympic museum, which I didn’t like too much. After we went for a walk in Sarajevo, we went to the top of a hotel to see the skyline of Sarajevo at night. After we eat cheap “cevapi”, and after we went to two bar-pubs.

Last day, it was all about reflecting about all the training. We spoke about all we learnt, about how we felt… At night we had a good bye party in the hotel.

Pictures by Sara Fantova & Marta Maja Lipińska

November 7, 2011, 11:03 am
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Speaking whit my housemate Koen, volunteer from The Netherlands, I realized that things that for someone can be normal, for other people can be disgusting.

We’re talking about cheese. My island is quite famous for the huge number of sheep (there are more sheep than people…) and from their milk we produce cheese of different kinds. One of them is called Casu marzu, that literally translated becomes “rotten cheese”. The explanation for this weird name is easy: inside of this cheese you can find live insect larvas. These larvas go into the cheese and create a soft cream. Of course, if you want to eat this cheese, you have also to eat the larves, but this has never been a problem for the people of my land.

In this video you can see how relaxed is the Sardinian man with green t-shirt while the other one is a little bit perplexed.

Problems started when oversea people (from Italy and the European Union) decided that, according to the food hygiene-health regulations, maybe the larves can create illnesses for the stomach and the cheese was outlawed for a time. This didn’t stop the production of Casu marzu and the sole effect obtained was just an increase in the price. But every law has a loophole: because of the insistence of the sheep farmers, the government declared the cheese a “traditional” food and now its productions is no longer considered illegal.

According to some statistics, Casu marzu is one of the most terrryfing foods in the world. Well, only people from outside the island think this because in Sardegna this food is considered a delicacy…Personally, I don’t eat it, but for us it’s normal to see other people eating Casu marzu with relish. They assure that it’s fantastic and if you try it for sure you’ll enjoy..

By the way, no one died eating Casu marzu!!!

“MANAKI BROTHERS” keep on watching
October 13, 2011, 11:09 am
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It seemed not possible but it happened! Autumn came to Skopje! And I feel like in polish lift in my 15 floor block. You’re going up and your neighbor’s complaining about the hot temperature, you’re going down and the next one complaining that it’s going to rain! There is never good enough, isn’t? Anyway, the best way to spend chilly autumn days is cinema! And we have a great opportunity to try it just this weekend, during the Manaki Brothers Festival in Bitola!

It starts on Saturday and lasts one week. Many great films, meetings, workshop and additional events.  The website of festival is just perfect, easy to read, with all the information you may need, so just visit it and check the programme, finding the films you like the most http://manaki.com.mk/

During the festival we will have a chance to watch new productions from all over the world but also some older classic films like “The Last Of The Mohicans” by Michael Mann or romantic “Amelia” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. These are the films you can see many times, also because of the great music.

Personally I am waiting for Canadian “Incendies”, which I haven’t had a chance to watch so far. It’s a story about twins journey to the Middle East to discover their family history, and fulfill their mother’s last wishes. It was nominated to Oscar and got 2 awards in Venice Film Festival. I was also attracted by a description of “Burried” by Rodrigo Cortes Paul – “an American truck driver working in Iraq in 2006, realizes he is trapped inside a coffin, buried alive. With only a lighter and cell phone it’s a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death rap…”, interesting, isn’t it?

We’ll have a chance to watch documentaries, including Balkan productions  and two, awarded during the DokuFest in Prizren this year – Polish film “Out of reach” and UK production People I Could Have Been And Maybe Am” by director Boris Gerrets. I’m looking forward to see my favorite movie form – Short Films, including Macedonian “Sarah, the Myth” by Sasha Stanishic or “Violent Youth” by Marko Gjokovik.

While being in Bitola don’t forget to visit places connected with Manakis brothers – like a house of Milto Manaki, his statue and of course the Museum of the Manaki Brothers, where you can find more about the creators of the first motion pictures in the Balkans. Also the beautiful cathedral church St. Dimitrija, one of the largest Orthodox churches in Macedonia. It’s about films so I have to mention that the opening scenes of the film “The Peacemaker”, with George Clooney and Nicole Kidman were shot there, as well as some “Welcome to Sarajevo” scenes!

by Sylwia Gorska

October 5, 2011, 1:51 pm
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After the on-arrival training in Sarajevo, five brave young volunteers decided to go back to Macedonia hichhiking trough four countries.

No plans, apart from few cities that we wanted to visit for sure.

No places to sleep, apart 2 tents that in the end were useless.

But most of all, no stress.

We split in two groups to have more possibilities to catch a car, establishing the next meeting point.

No more words, only picture to tell us the atmosphere of the trip.

The Dream-Team ( + Gosha, volunteer in Kosovo) arrives to Mostar. The picture with the bridge (and an unknown) is a must…


A group of 13 EUFOR Turkish soldiers picked us up until Neum, in the adriatic coast of Bosnia Hercegovina. Thanks to them, we crossed the borders without showing our passports and we ate their food rations for two days.


A good morning by the sea. For some of us, a quite wet good morning…


The Dream-Team visiting Dubrovnik. First aches: testing stomaches and feet.


Our heroes reached Montenegro, after spending three hours under the boiling sun of Croatia to have a pick from a car…


At the beach in Ulcinj. Everyone swam, as well as two of them that were unable…


Leaving Montenegro with our Karma disguised as a watermelon…


Welcome to Tirana, rakija, sexo and marijuana!


Keep in touch for the next adventures!